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About Astromedia Networks


Founded in 2012, Astromedia Networks offers multimedia solutions to various companies from radio broadcasting to hotel  management and booking services. Astromedia Networks is represented by multiple brands such as  Wohooo Networks which is specialized in the online radio broadcasting industry and Wohooo Design  focusing in the graphic & web design field. Since 2012, Astromedia Networks has been helping  customers around the world setting their radio station or building and maintaining their website.


Wohooo Networks

Wohooo Networks offers various solutions such as online radio streaming services, web hosting, radio broadcasting software from partners such as Spacial and Macinmind, Radio mobile apps development from Looksomething, Radio streaming license ( in USA & Canada only) from Streamlicensing,LLC and much more.



Wohooo Design

Wohooo Design is the design department of Astromedia Networks. It's where awesome website and design services are provided. During its launch in 2013 we have been helping customers by creating their visual identity such as logo design, Social Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Apps UI, Digital marketing, Radio ads and much more.



Astromedia Networks is a business registered in the Republic of Mauritius. BRN: I12009203

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